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November 25, 2020
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The Truth About Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots

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Originally from the coastal regions of Mexico the Yellow headed Amazon parrots have become popular pets partly because of their attractive markings. These birds are predominantly green with a striking yellow head and a red patch on each wing. They can also be found south of Mexico in Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. Although they prefer habitats like tropical or subtropical forests, savannahs, mangrove swamps, or cultivated land where trees are available for nesting, Yellow headed Amazon parrots are now considered rare and on the endangered list because of poaching and illegal trade and because of deforestation resulting in the loss of their nesting habitat.

Deforestation and parrot pet trading has caused a decline in the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot population. Their species status is now on the endangered list. In addition to their many qualities such as looks, intelligence, and speaking abilities, the rarity of the Yellow Headed Amazon parrot draws pet owners from all over the world.

The Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot is a parrot species whose looks turn heads. Their bright green body feathers and bright sunshine yellow head feathers scream "look at me". Considered to be a larger sized parrot, ranging in size from 14-17 inches, the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot demands attention immediately.

Not only with their looks, but also with their personality, the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot's need for attention is dominant. Their high intelligence and vocal capabilities will provide a challenge for even the most seasoned parrot owners. However, if provided with proper care, understanding, and a patient and consistent training routine, the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot will thrive, enhancing their owner's lives.

In the wild Yellow headed Amazons eat a variety of fruits, berries, nuts, blossoms, and leaf buds. They have also been known to raid agricultural crops like maize. When living in a home environment with an owner these birds enjoy vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, berries, and pellet food. Like all parrots nutrition is very important to their health and their lives.

Ownership of the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot can be an incredibly rewarding experience. With bright, happy faces and cheery, lively dispositions, the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot will easily find a place in the hearts of those owners who are educated, patient, and ready to love for a lifetime!


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