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October 12, 2020
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Chicken Supplies: The Ones You Want and the Ones You Need

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Looking after chickens is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. But if you're going to do the job right, you're going to need the correct chicken supplies for the job. Some of these poultry supplies are essential and some of them are just for fun. Whether you just want what you need, or like the idea of splashing out on some fun extras either for yourself or as a present for a chicken-loving friend, let us run through some of the chicken supplies you might consider;

Egg Skelters

Egg skelters are a handy, fun and stylish way to keep your eggs in date order. Each egg skelter has a spiral shape akin to a helter skelter (hence the name). As you remove the bottom egg the rest roll forwards so there is always a fresh egg easy to hand. Their fun design and handy nature makes them the ideal gift. Like many poultry supplies, they're a small but effective way of introducing some character to a room. They've already been seen as set dressing on televisions shows including River Cottage and Kirstie's Homemade Homes, as well as earning appearances in magazines such as Country Living, Practical Poultry, Home Farmer and Fancy Fowl. Each skelter holds up to 24 hens' eggs. A smaller version is also available for the owner of bantam hens.

Egg Boxes

If you're looking for a cheaper and/or more practical way to store and transport your eggs, you can't go wrong with good old egg boxes. They're probably the first thing people think of when you mention chicken supplies and, like so many commonplace items, that recognition is the result of a brilliant design. The fibre structure of the box holds each egg separate and secure whilst protecting it from the stresses and dangers of transport. When planning your poultry supplies, egg boxes are a must - particularly if you are planning on selling your eggs or distributing them amongst friends.


Bedding is another essential chicken supply. To begin with, poultry need bedding for exactly the same reasons we do; for comfort whilst sleeping, to reduce pressure on the skin and to keep them warm. However, bedding also plays an important part in keeping your birds clean and healthy. Bedding is typically made from straw or wood cuttings, which will absorb much of the waste passed by your birds. Dried bedding is particularly effective, as the lack of moisture reduces instances of moulds, mites and spores. Make sure to clear out and replace the bedding regularly: not only does this help keep your chickens healthy, used bedding makes for brilliant fertiliser.

These are just a few of the chicken supplies to consider if you are planning on keeping your own brood, but there are plenty more to look at. Find a reputable supplier of poultry suppliers to find out what you will need - and what you might just want.


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