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July 10, 2020
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Bathing Your Bird-A 5-Step Procedure For Giving Your Pet Bird a Bath

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A lady said to me once, "I love taking bird baths...I simply throw some water up and run from under it!" But when you're in charge of giving your pet bird a bath, there's a little more to it than that.

The most important thing you can do for your bird is notice what works and adapt what you do around it. Some birds like joining you in the shower; others enjoy mist from a bottle, a dip in a small bowl, the sink, or your hands. Respecting your bird's individuality in its preferences for bathing is yet another way that you bond with your bird, and increase the love and respect that you share. Here are 5 steps that will make bath time a consistently fun time for you and your bird.

1. Just Water Please-Clean, fresh water is all that's needed. If you have lead pipes, add a filter to your tap (for your sake and your bird's) or use bottled water. This will eliminate any chance that they will ingest traces of lead as they preen. Using soap or anything other than water causes a loss of oil from their skin which weakens the skin and may lead to unhealthy feathers, disease, and infection.

2. Test the Water-Just like with an infant, always test the water before introducing it to your bird. Water should be warm and close to their body temperature for the most pleasant experience. Water that is too cold will cause their temperature to drop, and of course water that is too hot can burn-neither of these are good for them physically or will make them want to take a bath again. Having the water feel good to the bird will go a long way towards having them look forward to baths.

3. Make It Warm and Cozy-Bathe your bird in a place that is warm without being drafty, and increase their comfort by bathing during the middle of the day. They can easily become chilled when wet, and having 4 or 5 hours of warm air will help them dry out thoroughly before they are exposed to colder nighttime temperatures.

4. Keep it Light-A little water goes a long way. Birds are able to use their wings to toss the water all around, so completely saturating the feathers is neither needed nor recommended.

5. Finish with a Treat-Bathing is essential to any bird's health, and finishing with a small edible treat for a bird who loves water is simply icing on the cake; and for a bird who does not like the water, it can help them grin and beak it!


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