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March 31, 2020
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20/20 Vision - Guidelines and Natural Methods

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'20/20 vision' is the perfect vision and an individual who is blessed with this vision is the one who is able to read accurately from a distance of twenty feet away from a chart. For those who have the 20/20 vision, it is not necessary for them to improve eyesight naturally. On the contrary, they should try to maintain this level of eyesight.

An aberration is said to occur when your eyesight is diagnosed as being 20/40 and the first hint of a problem arises when it is expressed as being 20/100. The cut off for blindness being 20/200, an individual who is diagnosed with the above two conditions must definitely find ways which would improve eyesight naturally as he is susceptible to vision problems.

20/20 vision was the brainchild of a Dutch ophthalmologist named Herman Snellen and has been a benchmark for measuring vision ever since its introduction in 1862. This chart along with several other optical tools could be acquired at many eye-care related websites and advocates many eye exercises and several vision improvement techniques all of which improve eyesight naturally within a short duration.

Also known as natural perfect vision, a 20/20 vision is one of the best companions with whom to grow old with - not only does it eliminate reliance on external appendages but also enables an individual to lead a normal life towards the fag-end. To acquire this vision it is imperative to improve eyesight naturally and one of the ways of accomplishing this is to exercise eye muscles, a popular option being palming.

Splashing your eyes with lukewarm water first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed can improve eyesight naturally since it clears the eyes of debris and foreign matter which might hinder with the vision. Another change in lifestyle which would help accomplish 20/20 vision would be to take a break from the computer every ten minutes by focussing on a distant object. Apart from breaking the monotony it would prevent the onset of short-sightedness as well.

Eyes too need nutrients in the same way as a body builder requires a high protein diet to build muscles. Nourishment in form of minerals, vitamins, bilberry and beta-carotene helps to improve eyesight naturally and if included in the diet long enough can make 20/20 vision a reality. Maintaining a frequent intake of eye-friendly food groups is one of the easiest yet effective ways of ensuring healthy functioning of eyes.

There are times when the eyes might be feeling tired, dry, stiff, rigid or simply might be hurting. When any of these symptoms manifest themselves it is time to take steps instead of feigning ignorance especially if the objective is to improve eyesight naturally. Squeezing the eyes for a few seconds, rotating them in clockwise and counter clockwise direction and massaging the ridge or socket with fingers or knuckles will clear the problems away as also the alien particles.

While on a quest to improve eyesight naturally it is possible to achieve a vision which is better than the perfect 20/20 and reads something like 20/10. A further improvement on this could only be described as the proverbial 'hawk's eye' as an ode to hawks, owls and many other birds of prey who enjoy a 20/20 vision and hence a highly accurate eyesight.


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