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June 10, 2020
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Adding An Outdoor Bird Feeder Can Bring Style To Your Yard

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An outdoor bird feeder can bring much joy to just about any outdoor setting, whether it is in the yard, on a patio, or even the garden. Some people may ask whey putting bird feeders in and around their garden. Sure it attracts more birds, and many may think that this is just going to encourage them to mess with your garden plants, but in fact it can have the opposite effect. Giving your bird neighbors something to eat other than your fresh young plants can actually help prevent them from getting messed with. In addition, some birds eat some pest insects, others prefer other kinds of insects, and so having a variety coming into your yard can help keep these unwanted pests out.

This is just the beginning of the many benefits and joys of having a bird feeder. Those that don't often get many birds in their yard will start having a wide variety of birds coming in to take a break, relax and have some lunch or a quick breakfast. Even if you have only a few at first, eventually they will tell all their friends, and you will have a bird party at your house.

Bird feeders come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, so you can find an outdoor bird feeder that will not only go great with your back yard decor, but at a price that will easily fit into your budget. There are simple feeders, with a hook and a platform, where you just set a small amount of feed on, as well as larger models that can accommodate a whole bag of feed and have multiple rests for birds to sit and eat on.

One of the drawbacks of having bird feed out is that it may also attract other wildlife, such as squirrels. There are many different outdoor bird feeder models that are specially designed with barriers for squirrels. These may have a large metal ring on top of them that is smooth so the squirrel's little claws can't get a grip and they fall off.

There are so many different styles and designs to choose from when it come to an outdoor bird feeder that you are a sure to find a style that goes well with your yard. Even simple bird feeders can have glass or plastic accessories to add a nice finishing touch. Other feeders can resemble a gazebo, have a large area for holding food, and provide both a feeder as well as a temporary shelter for a large variety of birds. For those that have a whimsical personality, there are several different bird house models, some even with little signs, saying things like "welcome to our neighborhood" and many others.

Another great thing about these bird feeder designs is that they are made from sturdy materials that are going to last the test of time. There are a number of stainless steel, and iron bird feeders out there, as well as wood and plastic resin. The wood parts have a nontoxic sealer on them, and the plastic resin design is just naturally resistant to the weather.

Now, many people want to add a bird feeder to their yard, but don't want to spend a lot of money. This too is okay, because many of these bird feeders, even the more intricate styles, can cost well under twenty dollars.


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